• 10 Ways to be strong, feel calm and have clarity

    10 ways to be strong and feel and have clarity

    Being strong, calm and clear are three ingredients anyone needs when they’re in the middle of challenging times. Hectic schedules, long work hours, health problems and the fast paced changes aren’t easy to handle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are the keys to being strong, calm and clear: 1. Breathe! Taking a few minutes out […]

  • Do you need more than peace to be fulfilled?

    do you need more than peace to be fulfilled?

    I found the answer was to take care of my needs that I had buried while taking care of everything and everyone. It was the simple, yet challenging step that led to longer lasting happiness and contentment, which means – peace. What do you really want? I’ve found that I want a few important things. […]

  • How To Stop Negative Thinking From Becoming A Habit

    how to break the negative thinking habit with self-compassion

    Self-compassion is the missing ingredient that stops the negative thinking habit. It’s not about being selfish but rather being kind to yourself, acknowledging that it’s okay to make mistakes or feel bad sometimes. Self-compassion helps you treating yourself with kindness and understanding when you make a mistake or experience a difficult situation. Self-compassion helps you […]

  • How To Stop Negative Thoughts That Result in Stress Eating

    what to do when negative thoughts result in stress eating

    I would bet that most people view stress as a negative. For my clients who struggle with stress eating that’s especially true. The human mind has a funny way of making things worse. When you feel that it’s going to be hard to succeed, it usually is. I’ll show how your negative thoughts manifest and […]

  • How to Change Your Relationship With Stress!

    How to change your relationship with stress

    There are two ways most people think about reducing your stress: Using quick “fix” tools or strategies to push stress away. Shift the way you relate to stress. When you do both you have self-knowledge, tools, and skills. Which leads you to be in control of your emotions and responses to whatever happens in your […]

  • What is Powerful Calm?

    Blog title card with an image of the ocean and text overlay that says: What is Powerful Calm and how can it help you? powerfulcalm.com

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your stress in a few minutes? The good news is that you can. All it takes are three key concepts and one simple framework to get started. Powerful Calm, based on the latest research on stress relief. It provides an easy way to take control of your […]