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Whether we work together in my group coaching program or in private one on one coaching we’ll begin with the Power Calm Formula and transform stress into power – just like magic!

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90 Day 1:1 Private Coaching

Conscious Power

Conscious Power is your exclusive access to highly customized coaching.  We’ll customize the Powerful Calm Formula to the specific area you wish to focus on right now, so you have the framework you need to be calm, clear and own your life.

Group Coaching

Powerful Calm Lab

The Powerful Calm Lab is a group coaching experience where we work together to master your emotions, create more compassion in your relationship with yourself and implement well-being habits that keep you on track with an abundance of calm and clarity.

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Stop Stress Eating

Conscious Eating Essentials

No matter how much you enjoy the chips, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy or whatever your comfort food is, it doesn’t change the stress that led you here. Stress eating is a habit that can change.

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