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Your life changes when you use these ten habits to be more calm every day!

Feeling good comes from experiencing less stress and more calmness, and the tiniest bit of success at this, as soon as possible, helps to stay motivated.

Habits that motivate you to keep going and build on each success are like a snowball that magically grows with each new day.

As you begin the process and start experiencing more calm, it might not be easy to trust that it will last. Others might not notice your changes, but you know what you’ve accomplished and find valuable because you see it in yourself. The challenge comes when you need to trust that you have the best interests in your heart and stay on the path of calm and clarity.

These actions can take you to greater self-awareness as you grow in your relationship with yourself, where you know what you want and need and go after it!

Here are the top 10 ways to connect with yourself and create a calmer life.

1. Get Moving - a simple walk around the block can help

Physical activity is one of the most common recommendations for feeling better - because it works! Countless studies have shown that improved physical and psychological health happens through movement. A simple walk around the block helps go a long way. It shifts your perspective, interrupts negative thoughts and gets your blood flowing.

2. Talk it out - use your words to give your feelings life

Talk it out to yourself, a friend, the dog, etc. Sometimes, we need to hear ourselves out loud. As you listen to yourself, uncovering the thoughts and feelings just under the surface is more effortless. You get clear on your internal process, how you view the situation and what you feel. Abstract thoughts become more concrete, so options about what you can do with them become clear and calm every day.

3. Create - creativity helps the mind open up

The act of creating something, anything, helps you to think differently. Keep supplies on hand to have them available when you need to create. You only need a piece of paper and a pencil in a pinch. Scribble, draw, make patterns, etc. Just get the creativity flowing. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece since that’s not the point. Leave perfectionism out of it. Your goal is to introduce more flexibility into your capacity for problem-solving and creativity.

4. Eat - if you’re hungry, you need food!

Not everyone experiences hunger in the same way. Emotional or stress eating might mask the early stages of hunger. It could be that increased anxiety and irritability are early hunger signs before your stomach rumbles. Give yourself a minute to check in and see if you need nourishment to refuel. If you do, eat a well-balanced, nourishing meal without looking at a screen. Enjoy your food and the experience of taking good care of yourself so you can be calm every day.

5. Companionship - seek out community

We are social beings and sometimes we need to be with others. Spending time with a friend can take your mind off your current worries. It’s a break that can get you out of your head and the all-consuming thoughts that lead to emotional exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. Your troubles won’t disappear and most things in life aren’t emergencies. Giving yourself some space and shifting your focus for a while is okay.

Being with others and listening to their challenges will remind you that no one escapes difficulties. We’re all in this together and being together helps to shift your mindset from “No one understands what I’m going through” to “We’re all more alike than different and we all have struggles.”

6. Entertainment - do something just for fun

Escape! Yes, escape into something just for fun.

  • When was the last time you laughed just because something silly happened?
  • Or when did you last play a game just because you like it?
  • When did you watch your favorite movie?

Push the pause button and allow yourself to let go of seriousness and have a laugh.

7. Journal - write it out to get it out

Journaling has a long track record of helpfulness. It’s one of the time-tested ways of getting to know yourself. You can write it out in note form, bullet journaling with colorful pens and drawings and freewriting is always an option. The point is that writing out how you feel helps you organize your experience, clarify your ideas and stop them from cycling through your thought process without examination.

You may even generate ideas and plans that take you where you want to go.

8. Plan for your needs  and take care of yourself

Take the time to slow down, stop thinking about others and put yourself in the equation. What is it that you need right now? What do you think you will need later today? It can be as simple as going to bed earlier, having a cup of tea, paying a bill, making an appointment, getting a new pair of shoes, etc. Feeling less stressed for having accomplished the task is the goal. Think about your needs and put them on the agenda of the people you care for.

9. identify your feelings - know what you’re dealing with

Sad, Mad, Glad. These all mean different things to different people and I bet you can refine your feelings even more. You can begin by thinking about all the feelings surrounding the first one that pops into your head. Sad can be broken down into disappointment, regret, grieving, gutted, isolation, loneliness, etc. The feelings you name give you more information about what you need to feel better. They provide you with direction.

10. Take some quiet time - take some time out for yourself to be calm every day

Allow yourself quiet time to sit through the distractions. Take some time to sit and be still. It will take practice. Turn off the distractions. Allow yourself to experience just nothing. Start small and take your time. Experience what it’s like for 3 minutes, then try 6 and 9 minutes. Some days will be easy, and others will be next to impossible to quiet yourself, and that’s okay.

This list is just a beginning to help you get started. There are many supportive and nurturing ways to care for yourself.

Life will happen and it will often interrupt your calm vibe!


Establishing these habits now helps to have what you need when stress flares up, so you’re calm every day!