• How to Have a Better Relationship with Food

    A better relationship with food comes from setting kind food limits. So, what is a kind food limit? It is a limit that supports you, opens up growth opportunities that you want in your life and ultimately leads to greater well-being. A kind food limit takes into account what you desire for taste and pleasure […]

  • How to Get Unstuck and Be Happy for Good!

    Why is it so hard to get unstuck and move forward in life? It’s like you’re standing at a fork in the road, unsure of which direction to take and there’s a huge tree blocking both paths. You know you have to move down one or the other, but how are you going to climb […]

  • 4 Ways to Love and Accept Yourself in Midlife

    When you accept yourself life gets better. How you do it is to confidently acknowledge that there’s so much about you that’s good. You also know you’re on the path of continuing to growth when you can accept your wonderfully imperfect self too! Daily life is challenging with unrealistic expectations of who you think you […]

  • 5 Reasons Why Eating in Moderation is So Complicated

    You’ve probably heard that eating in moderation is easy and if you do you can eat anything! For someone who doesn’t stress eat or emotionally eat it’s an easy thing to say. But, if you’re trapped in the cycle of stress eating or emotional eating, dieting and back to emotional eating again it’s eating in […]

  • How to Fearlessly Live Your Core Values

    Identify your core values and learn how to live by them to build greater happiness. Sometimes you can go through life without paying much attention. Maybe you move from one thing to the next, playing on your phone, without considering whether your actions match up with what you believe is important – core values. But […]

  • How to Stop Stress Eating and Bingeing in 5 Steps

    Stress eating is pretzel logic. When you eat well most of the time, but then something stressful happens and your mind turns immediately to eating the twists and turns of rationalizing it are short lived. When stress eating and bingeing takes hold of you the fallout is tinged with guilt, shame and regret. The big […]

  • 6 Simple and Effective Habits for Happiness in Life

    blog post graphic 3-12-2023

    Are you just starting your happiness journey?  Even if you’ve been on the happiness path for a while, building a foundation that helps you accelerate your growth means that you can be happier sooner than you think! When I graduated with my doctorate, I had no idea what to do next. My mentor and I […]

  • 10 Mantras to Unlock Food Obsessions When You’re Really Stressed

    10 Mantras to Unlock Food Obsessions When You're Really Stressed

    Sometimes we all get stuck listening to that little nagging voice in our heads that leads to stress eating. Mantras to unlock food obsessions help with the voice that says: The thoughts listed above happen a lot when stress eating or emotional eating is the only go-to stress management option. So what many of my clients […]

  • How to Focus When You’re Spent and Overwhelmed

    how to focus when spent and overwhelmed

    “Take control of your habits. Take control of your life.”  — Anonymous We all fall into habits we would rather not repeat, but when overwhelm leaves you feeling spent, they’re difficult to avoid. It’s easy – habits are the shortcuts of life. In my house there’s a habit of pulling the clothes out of the dryer […]

  • How to Cure Stress Eating and Get What You Really Need

    how to cure stress eating

    There’s so much information about how to stop stress eating. Every day my news feed and social platforms tell me the new and improved ways to hack stress eating and emotional eating. The advice usually falls into one of these 3 categories: 1. Funny, in your face non-diet messages often delivered by young women who […]