• How to Transform Your Relationship with Food for Good

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    Your relationship with food… Being present and increasing awareness of your emotional life is essential for personal fulfillment. Without it, experiencing a lasting change in your relationship with food, stress eating and your body isn’t likely. Nutrition and exercise are essential, but without a shift in your emotional awareness, you’ll be right back at the […]

  • 9 Practical Ways to Go From Stressed Out to Stressless

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    Are you feeling stressed out? There are so many reasons to be stressed out. But before you start looking for reasons why stress is getting the best of you, let’s bring it down. Stress reduction techniques you want to engage with suit your long-term well-being and happiness. Whether it’s – stress is a universal experience. […]

  • How To Embrace Your Inner Strength and Cultivate Self-acceptance

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    Inner strength is one of the most powerful traits to cultivate self-acceptance. The science and philosophy that support self-acceptance as a way to be effective in your life and align with your intentions and goals is strong. Self-acceptance is embracing all of your attributes, positive or negative, exactly as they are. Sometimes, you may struggle […]

  • The Truth About Stress Eating: Imperfection is Part of the Journey

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    There are only five things you need to do to stop stress eating. It might sound too easy, but the five steps take time and patience – there are no shortcuts and perfectionism only slows your progress. If you can commit to the belief that life can be less stressful and even harmonious, you can […]

  • 28 Quotes to Inspire Optimism and Energize Your Life

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    If you clicked on this post, I’m guessing that a positive quote and a few words of inspiration are some things in life that boost you. I love a great quote to – So many ways that quotes nourish the mind and inspire living your life with optimism and intention. Quotes are one type of […]

  • How to Stop Weighing Yourself and Feel Good Anyway

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    Weighing yourself is one of the worst ways to feel good about yourself or get a handle on stress eating. If you ever stress eating, weighing yourself usually leads to negative thoughts or opinions that prevent you from feeling good about your body, boundaries, and confidence. This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with […]

  • 3 Fundamentals to Train Your Brain for Happiness

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    How to help your brain create shortcuts for happiness. “Have you found happiness?” Whenever I hear this question, I think of it as asking about something lost and, if so, where it could be. But happiness isn’t something you need to search for, like a long-lost treasure; it’s a matter of learning skills to train […]

  • How to Have a Better Relationship with Food

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    A better relationship with food comes from setting kind food limits. So, what is a kind food limit? It is a limit that supports you, opens up growth opportunities you want, and ultimately leads to greater well-being. A kind food limit considers what you desire for taste and pleasure and what your body needs to […]

  • How to Get Unstuck and Be Happy for Good!

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    Why is it so hard to get unstuck and move forward in life? It’s like you’re standing at a fork in the road, unsure of which direction to take and there’s a huge tree blocking both paths. You know you must move down one or the other, but how will you climb over that tree? […]

  • 4 Ways to Love and Accept Yourself in Midlife

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    When you accept yourself, life gets better. How you do it is to confidently acknowledge that there’s so much about you that’s good. You also know you’re on the path of continuing to grow when you can accept your wonderfully imperfect self, too! Daily life is challenging, with unrealistic expectations of who you think you […]