How often do you feel like can’t clear blocked motivation, so you can stay on track and focused on your goals?

5 tools to clear blocked motivation

Sometimes a little break is just what you need to refocus and recommit to your goal, so you can clear blocked motivation.

Asking yourself questions that lead to either affirmation or shifting of your goals is one important part of the growth process. Assessing what works or what doesn’t and then change it up so you’re closer to your goal is a nice, neat process, but there is a flipside…

When overwhelm creeps in and your enthusiasm wanes, it can lead to apathy, decision fatigue and hopelessness.

The cycle of feeling down and hopeless robs you of the mojo to keep moving.

Regaining your enthusiasm is an intentional process.

It may seem like waiting for inspiration is your only option, but in the end, waiting will only get you further away from your goal. Taking small, manageable steps, step by step, on a regular basis gets you where you want to be much sooner than you imagine.

Fortunately, you have options to begin the process!

You can move out of a state of apathy, doubt or overwhelm and learn to prevent it from happening again too.

You can clear blocked motivation!

With these 5 motivation tools and just 5 minutes each day, you can get back into the flow of success, focus your goal and welcome the good things that come your way.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Choose one tool and practice it for 5 minutes or more if it’s working.
  2. Adapt the 5 motivation tools so they work best for you.

Before you know it, blocked motivation will be a thing of the past.

5 Tools to Clear Blocked Motivation

1. Do just one thing at a time.

Focus on just one part of your goal. Often, we get so overwhelmed with the larger goal that we have difficulty seeing the small steps right in front of us. Think about the spokes on the wheel of a bike tire.  All are needed to make the wheel strong and stable; each small action is a like the spokes on the bike wheel, all are necessary to support the larger goal. Focus on one spoke at a time.

Celebrate when one part of your goal is accomplished and use this success to fuel your motivation for the next one.

2. Get moving.

To get the energy flowing there is no end to the helpfulness a walk in the sunshine brings. The type of walk I am talking about is one where you are able to just be, look at the clouds, watch the birds, feel the sunshine on your face, allow yourself to be in the present moment. The walk can be as short one; 5 minutes is good.

No need to get your workout gear on for a power-walk this is a ‘get re-centered walk’ to reconnect with your sense of self and what you are working on and clear blocked motivation.

Think about each step moving you forward, step by step toward your goal.

3. Open yourself to growth

When people feel doubtful, fearful, anxious, they often constrict the body, thoughts and beliefs in what is possible. Collapsing into your body and getting smaller can result in shallow breathing.

Take 3 deep breaths, comfortably, not too fast and not too slowly, can loosen tension and bring a sense of expansion back. You can feel your body fill with oxygen, feel your breath bringing new life into your being. 

With each breath think about expansion and give yourself space to do what you need to do for your life.

4. Visualize your life as you need it to be.

It is common to think of goals as wishes and they are. More importantly though, goals are also needs. When you think about your goal from the mindset of a need rather than a wish, it changes. Now it is something closer, more intimate. Rather than a wish that can be dismissed, it calls your attention to take action so you can clear blocked motivation.

To live a fulfilling life, you need meaning and purpose in your life.

5. Just let it go and be.

Give yourself time, no more than 5 minutes, to write down all of your negative, worrisome, difficult, boring, doubtful, and fearful thoughts. Then put them in a bag and seal it up! Let them be. They are just words; some will be yours and some will be others. Remember, they are just words. Your truth is much bigger much more life giving than any doubts.

Now give yourself 5 minutes or more and write down all of your supportive, productive, growth-enhancing thoughts and words. Keep these with you and remind yourself of them every day. Filling your mind with these words helps to keep you adaptable and focused on growth.


Give yourself the time and energy to get un-blocked and back to growth with the tools above.

The greatest gift to yourself is your time and attention.

Becoming more conscious day by day will fuel your motivation to achieve your goals. 

You can have the success you desire and the life you need.  

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