One day at a time, transform stress into power.

Life Is More Than A To-Do List

Although sometimes it can seem like it with the endless…

  • Grocery & errand lists
  • School supplies for that last minute project
  • School runs
  • Waiting at kids activates
  • Waiting for personal Zoom meetings to start
  • Keeping track to who needs to be where & when

And then there’s work…

  • Waiting for work Zoom meetings to start
  • Keeping track of who’s doing what & when
  • Making sure clients are well cared for
  • Planning meetings
  • Making sure staff is on track
  • It’s a lot to keep up with and I haven’t even mentioned taking care of YOU!

When you’re pulled in a million different directions it can leave you feeling stretched to the breaking point.

What’s the solution?

Stepping into your power in a way that leads to more connection, more energy, and a heck of a lot less stress.

Powerful Calm is the antidote to burnout.

When you embody your power and are connected to emotions, and they guide you to what you need in life.  

Emotional mastery is the key to filling your personal reservoir of calm, that you can tap into no matter what type of stress happens, because we all know that stress is a part of life.

Powerful Calm gives you what you need so stress doesn’t consume your life.

Living a mindful, anti-stress lifestyle is a realistic goal and Powerful Calm shows you the path to make it happen.

Key areas of the Powerful Calm Formula



Rekindle your drive to do things just because you want to for the joy and fun of it.



Align what you need and want in life without sacrificing your family or career.



Get the right tools for the right situation so you know what to do and when.



Be the person you know you need to be and you’ll also be a role model.


Self Improvement

Your life needs to work for you and the paradox is that when it does you’re more open to those you love.


Self Awareness

It’s the single more important part of disarming stress before it becomes overwhelming.



When you’ve got it all together you have a calm that radiates and you know just what to do.


Life Skills

The ability to flow from one situation to the next with ease, knowing that you have the tools you need to anything that happens.

A dynamic anti-stress lifestyle is what happens when you have powerful calm.

About Me

I’m Tracie Strucker, PhD
I Help Women Stop Stressing & Live With Calm, Clarity & Joy!

Being a professional and a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend and on and on, all of these relationships make a lot of demands on your time and energy.

It’s easy for you dreams to get pushed to the bottom of the heap of needs.

What you need is important too, without sacrificing who and what you love most or adding more stress!