Transform stress into power

I help Gen X female entrepreneurs and professionals create work-life flow, so they can pursue their goals with calm, clarity and passion.

After taking care of everyone and everything for a long time, now it’s your turn to focus on what you need to live a fulfilling life.

Get the free 5 Minutes to Calm & Clarity Guide

Powerful Calm gives you what you need so stress doesn't consume your life.

When you embody your power and are connected to emotions, and they guide you to what you need in life.  

Emotional mastery is the key to filling your personal reservoir of calm, that you can tap into no matter what type of stress happens, because we all know that stress is a part of life.

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90 Day Individual Coaching

Powerful Calm Intensive

Work with me weekly for 12 weeks. You’ll receive an individualized plan, email support between meetings and accountability for your weekly goals to keep you closely aligned with your goals.

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Powerful Calm Community

Powerful Calm Lab

The only program that is specifically designed to rewire your brain to be calm and clear about your needs, so that you know just what to do to make it happen. A life of fulfillment and joy is within reach!

Ready to transform stress into your personal power?

Living a mindful, anti-stress lifestyle is a realistic goal and Powerful Calm shows you the path to make it happen.

A dynamic anti-stress lifestyle is what happens when you have powerful calm.

About Me

Hello, I'm Tracie

Being a professional and a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend and on and on, all of these relationships make a lot of demands on your time and energy.

It’s easy for you dreams to get pushed to the bottom of the heap of needs.

What you need is important too, without sacrificing who and what you love most or adding more stress!

Real Long Term Strategy

Free Calm & Clarity Guide

Being calm and clear is more than taking 3 deep breaths – it’s just the start. Download your free copy of the strategy that gives you long term solutions you can use anytime and anywhere in just 5 minutes.


"The focus on relationship with myself is so much more helpful than a diet."

– Conscious Eating Essentials Student

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