• How to be Clear, Confident and Trust Your Food Choices

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    With an overwhelming amount of food choices at any given moment, it can be challenging to be clear, confident, and trusting of your food choices. Not only the number of choices we have (go down the cereal or yogurt aisle of any supermarket in the States) but also the food and nutrition information/advice we are […]

  • How to Have More Persistence and Get Your Needs Met

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    Persistence takes being in motion – it is what is needed to keep moving toward your goals, even when obstacles stand in your way. However, persistence does not need to be like running a marathon without water stops along the way. There are two types of persistence: continuous and episodic. Continuous persistence is maintaining your […]

  • 27 Easy Ways to Stop Cravings and Stress Eating

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    Craving: an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing (Merriam-Webster online, July 2016). This is what you’re fighting against when you try to stop cravings and stress eating is as powerful as it can be! The good news is that you don’t have to fight. When you work with yourself instead of against yourself, the […]

  • How to Finally Stop Being a People Pleaser

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    What does it really mean, and more importantly, how do you stop being a people pleaser? On the most basic level, people-pleasing is changing your behavior to make others happy. Sometimes, in relationships, we change how or what we do to enhance the relationship, so what is the difference between relationship peace vs. acquiescing to […]

  • How to Be in Control of Your Mind

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    If you feel like you don’t have control of your mind, thoughts, or feelings and that’s something you want to change this year, keep reading… Do you ever think, “If I could just stop thinking about or feeling like (fill in the blank), then I would be successful, happy, and free from worry and anxiety?” […]

  • 5 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

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    What to do when self-doubt clouds your confidence and blocks your motivation. Do you find yourself questioning your beliefs or your point of view? Maybe you often wonder if you’ve made the right decision and second-guess yourself, replaying the various options in your mind on repeat. If so, you may be experiencing self-doubt. Self-doubt is […]

  • How to Stop Getting in Your Way: 6 Ways to End Self-Sabotage

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    Find out how you can stop self-sabotaging behaviors and achieve your goals. Do you ever want something so much you can envision it happening, yet procrastination hits, and you stop yourself before you even start? When I watch the Olympics, it seems like there’s usually at least one race where the runners round the track, […]

  • How to Break Up with Imposter Syndrome for Good

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    What is imposter syndrome and how do you fix it? Do you worry that the eternal “they” will discover that you are not exactly who or what they think you are? It could be imposter syndrome getting in the way of your confidence. It usually happens something like this: You have accomplished a goal and […]

  • How to Believe in Yourself and Make Confident Decisions

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    Learn why believing in yourself matters and discover science-backed strategies and tips to start believing in yourself today. When you believe in yourself, it changes everything. It helps you achieve your goals, realize your dreams, and increase your mental and physical well-being. The sneaking thing is that a lack of belief in yourself usually makes […]

  • 5 Powerful Ways to Stop Mindless Stress Eating for Good

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    Mindless stress eating may seem like nothing more than relief from a stressful moment in life. It’s like tasting something delicious will take the bitterness out of life. But, when it happens repeatedly and you feel guilty about it, it’s a recipe for shame and regret. We all have basic needs, like a roof over […]