• How to Focus When You’re Spent and Overwhelmed

    how to focus when spent and overwhelmed

    “Take control of your habits. Take control of your life.”  — Anonymous We all fall into habits we would rather not repeat, but when overwhelm leaves you feeling spent, they’re difficult to avoid. It’s easy – habits are the shortcuts of life. In my house there’s a habit of pulling the clothes out of the dryer […]

  • How to Cure Stress Eating and Get What You Really Need

    how to cure stress eating

    There’s so much information about how to stop stress eating. Every day my news feed and social platforms tell me the new and improved ways to hack stress eating and emotional eating. The advice usually falls into one of these 3 categories: 1. Funny, in your face non-diet messages often delivered by young women who […]

  • How to Think Positively With The Golden Rule of Self-Care

    golden rule of self care to think positively

    How to Think Positive with the Golden Rule of Self-Care When you think positively and treat yourself with love, compassion, and respect life changes. The Golden Rule of Self-Care is a great way to know what to do and when so you stay on track. The Golden Rule of Self Care is all about starting […]

  • 10 Simple Mantras That Stop Negative Thinking And Stress Eating

    10 Simple Mantras That Stop Negative Thinking And Stress Eating

    10 Simple Mantras That Stop Negative Thinking And Stress Eating You know that nagging voice your heads that whispers, you need to calm down, stop negative thinking and before you know it, you’re stress eating?  It’s the voice that… Doubts that it’s all too much and you won’t ever feel calm. Questions your relationship with yourself […]

  • How To Be Peaceful With Food In 3 Easy Steps

    how to be peaceful with food

    How To Be At Peace With Food In 3 Easy Steps Food peace through self-compassion gives you what you desire – freedom and accountability. Being committed to changing your relationship with food takes a different kind of focus. It’s more connected to what you want while at the same time giving you both grace and limits […]

  • Top 10 Habits To Be More Calm Every Day

    top 10 habits to be more calm every day

    Top 10 Habits to Be More Calm Everyday Feeling good comes from experiencing less stress and more calm and the tiniest bit of success at this, as soon as possible helps to stay motivated. When you use these 10 habits to be more calm every day, you life changes! Habits that motivate you to keep […]

  • 5 Easy Tools to Clear Blocked Motivation in 5 Minutes

    5 tools to clear blocked motivation

    How often do you feel like can’t clear blocked motivation, so you can stay on track and focused on your goals? Sometimes a little break is just what you need to refocus and recommit to your goal, so you can clear blocked motivation. Asking yourself questions that lead to either affirmation or shifting of your […]

  • It’s Not About The Mashed Potatoes

    it's not about the mashed potatoes it's about listening to your own voice

    It’s not about the mashed potatoes or anything else in this list – it’s about listening to your own voice. It’s not about the mashed potatoes or the pie or the rolls or the whatever you enjoy eating. It’s not about emotional eating. It’s not about stress. It’s not about feeling too full. It’s not […]

  • The Truth About Clarity and Motivation

    truth about clarity and motivation blog post

    I wish clarity and motivation were good friends, but they’re usually more like casual acquaintances.  When we lived in Texas, we always looked forward to seeing another couple at our mutual friend’s house. It was only a few times a year for the annual holiday party and summer cookout and sometimes Thanksgiving. We always said […]

  • 3 Foolproof Ways to Breakout of Decision Fatigue

    decision fatigue blog post

    Recently I had lunch with a friend at a new sandwich place and it was just the type of place I love and the sort of place where decision fatigue sets in. They offered familiar sandwiches and salads with just a bit of a twist that made them interesting. It was busy and there was […]