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Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your stress in a few minutes? The good news is that you can.

All it takes are three key concepts and one simple framework to get started. Powerful Calm, based on the latest research on stress relief. It provides an easy way to take control of your health and lower your levels of everyday stress. This article introduces you to the concepts and Powerful Calm framework, so you can experience stress relief for yourself.

The Powerful Calm Formula has 3 components: emotional mastery, clear communication and well-being habits.

It’s the formula that keeps you connected to what matters most – a satisfying and fulfilling life. This happens in all areas of your life – your family, your career and most of all yourself!

The Power Calm framework is simple, but it’s not a band-aid!

It gives you a guide to help you understand how to reduce your stress level and achieve what you want for your life. The Powerful Calm formula has three parts, emotional mastery, clear communication and well-being habits.  Each part of the Powerful Calm formula has its own action steps that will provide short-term and long-term benefits as they become part of your regular routine.

Emotional Mastery

Emotional mastery is:

  • building your mind/body emotional vocabulary
  • increasing curiosity about your emotional needs
  • using your knowledge to take care of yourself.

What emotional mastery gives you is the knowledge about what you need for your own well-being. The result is the ability to choose how to respond to any situation, rather than allowing those situations to control you.

When you become a master of your emotions you gain understanding of the emotional intensity of your experiences.

This is important because it’s easier to respond in a way the matches your emotional need in the moment. Matching your need is important to move through challenging emotions more easily and enjoy pleasant emotions more. Whether you are feeling anxious, angry, or calm and happy the power to control your reactions is within reach.

The choice about how you respond rather than being controlled by your emotions is where you find you power – it’s the ultimate self-control!

Emotional mastery goes beyond assuming accountability for the situation or outcome. It helps you to  understanding what led up to the emotional response and where you can go from there.

Emotional mastery is the foundation of clarity.

When you’re cluttered with emotions or stuck on one, it’s difficult to move forward. However, when you master your emotions push them away with immediate mindless reactions. You can take your time and mindfully choose how you need to respond

Clear Communication

Every relationship needs effective communication in order for it to thrive. In fact, lack of communication can undo what you’ve learned about emotional mastery and well-being habits in the first place!

The most important person to be clear with is yourself!

No fluff or excuses, just self-compassion and accountability.

The power of strong self-talk can help reduce stress levels in all situations, especially those where the stakes are high, or emotions run hot.

Effective communication with yourself is being honest and having a conversation without getting too worked up about things that don’t matter, so you can respond to a situation congruently.

Sometimes it’s taking the perspective of an observer and have the conversation with yourself like you would your most cherished friend.

  • Strong and loving
  • Kind and firm
  • Compassionate and honest

You can only be clear with others and get your needs met when you’re first clear with yourself. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. You’re there all the time in your own head, so why not make it the most pleasant relationship?

Clear communication is a skill you can develop at any time in your life

Well-being Habits

Most of the time we think we’re doing okay. Your head is above water, no matter how hard you’re kicking to stay that way. You’re fine and everything is under control, but then something happens, maybe a work deadline or an argument with your significant other.

For most of my clients, stress has become such a big part of their lives without them even realizing. What leads them to seeking help is that the automatic stress reactions begin to have a negative impact on their lives.

  • Being short with others
  • Long-term irritability
  • stress eating/drinking/over-exercise/no exercise/not enjoying life

Emotional mastery and clear communication give you the ability to respond to stress instead of immediately reacting. When you master your emotions mindlessly, impulsively over or under reacting doesn’t happen anymore.

Well-being habits aren’t about becoming someone else or changing who you are, they’re about being open to change and making small changes over time that have a big impact.

Well-being habits are:

  • meditation/quiet time/reading/listening to music
  • mind/body practice like walking, yoga, stretching
  • connected conversations

These are just a few examples. Well-being habits are more than flossing every day, they are habits that enhance your connection with yourself and the people in your life.

Like any good habit they become part of the way you live your life because you receive so much benefit from them. And an extra bonus is that those around you benefit too.  You’ll become a leader in living a mindful anti-stress lifestyle.

When you recognize the power of well-being habits, it’s easier to become proactive in doing simple things each day that will help bring more calm into your life.

Wrapping up

Power Calm is a simple framework to support your stress reduction and increase well-being with emotional mastery, clear communication, and well-being habits.

With the Powerful Calm Formula small changes in your thinking, behavior, and connection with yourself can make a huge difference in your stress level.

This is what makes you powerful in your ability to keep calm.

Each step along the way, gives you powerful results:

  • Self-knowledge that leads to clear action
  • Clarity that leads to needs being met
  • Satisfaction that leads to fulfillment

It’s the power that comes from knowing who you are and what you need your life to be

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