Sometimes we all get stuck listening to that little nagging voice in our heads that leads to stress eating. Mantras to unlock food obsessions help with the voice that says:

  • lure you into quick relief that stress eating brings
  • distract you from what you really need
  • question your wise inner voice
  • doubt your self-knowledge
  • instill a lack of trust in yourself

The thoughts listed above happen a lot when stress eating or emotional eating is the only go-to stress management option. So what many of my clients believe is that they need more willpower and discipline. This is the exact thing that causes the most stress!

Willpower might help in in the short term, but what’s stressing you out, it’s not going away until you get to the heart of the matter and this is when mantras can help.

What if you change the conversation, you have with yourself, would it help you take care of yourself in a more supportive way?

Maybe it’s not willpower or forcing yourself to do something that you don’t want to do but instead it’s the power of choice that makes the difference. A mantra helps to bring more self-compassion combined with accountability to create sustainable change.

How to Stop Stress Eating Right Now

If your goal is to transform how you deal with stress and stress eating, it’s great to have a positive, growth-oriented alternative to counteract your brain’s automatic response for calming stress with eating.

What’s great about this approach is that when you take a different action, your brain based habits change and you create a new “normal.” Even though it takes time and focused attention you can change your brain at any point in time. AND it usually happens a lot more quickly than most people think it will.

One way to respond to your stressed-out brain that also calms stress and gets you into a growth mindset is a simple mantra. Mantras that unlock food obsessions can lead you away from stress eating, so that you can make choices with clarity about your needs.

Mantras are an old-fashioned coping skill that’s been around so long because they work!

It’s nearly impossible to separate thoughts, feelings, perceptions, potential future scenarios, etc. When stress eating or emotional eating enters the picture, the feelings are often a jumble of mixed emotions.

Finding your way out of a negative thought is easier when you have something you can do with it. And when you transform negative thoughts, they lead you to conscious eating. Being present in the moment, calming your stressed brain with compassion and gaining clarity to make choices that matter is what makes the difference.

Using a mantra to help you shift your thoughts and is one of the handiest, always at the ready, strategies to calm, soothe and refocus your brain where you want it to be.

The best mantras are the mantras you can easily remember, so you’ll come back to a mantra when you need one without wasting time figuring it out when you’re already stressed.

Mantras that unlock food obsessions are concise and move you toward what you want.

Stress eating will never satisfy an unmet need.

Conscious eating is a dynamic, active process. Being a conscious eater means that you make choices in the present moment, paying attention to your emotional state and your need for nourishment.

As you grow into a more natural conscious eater, you don’t need to think about willpower! You’ll need fewer and fewer reminders to pay attention and be aware of your motivations to eat. It’s like eating when you were young and it was a natural process. You ate when you were hungry most of the time and stopped when you were full, this happened even if you were eating for pleasure it wasn’t filled with the ulterior motive to calm stress.

And, even if your experience was different when you were young, you can always learn be a conscious eater!

You may find that your preferences change when you get a chance to slow down and figure it out what you really need.

Many of my clients often say that they’ve been eating out of habit and not enjoying it.

You may even find that the you use a mantra you like best comes back to you naturally as an affirmation of your commitment to yourself and your health.

When you create a supportive nourishing relationship, you’ll naturally grow your skill set for both good and tough times.

Why use mantras to unlock food obsessions?

Conscious eating gives you an alternative to stress eating, emotional eating and dieting. A mantra is one tool to support you in building a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself.

As you become less stressed your need for stress eating diminishes. You’ll find that you take a stand for yourself. Most of all you become your own leader in your life and nurture yourself with compassion and accountability.

Here are 10 mantras that unlock food obsessions that you can use as they are or as a starting point to create one of your own!

1. May I move toward my goals with love and kindness and peace.

2. May my relationship with my body be grounded in compassion.

3. I am conscious and compassionate with food one meal at a time.

4. May I experience nourishment in my life.

5. I listen to my mind, body and heart and I receive what I need in my life.

6. Change requires my time and attention; my reward is contentment.

7. May I be patient with myself and experience self-compassion.

8. I’m cultivating a peaceful relationship with my body.

9. When I move my body, I experience life and I grow in my awareness.

10. I nourish my mind, body and heart with a kind and loving heart.

Changing any habit takes a bit of time and effort. The mind never really stops thinking, so when you give it something to do you’re in control of where it goes. Conscious, mindful effort is what changes your life and leads you to the fulfilling lifestyle you want to live.

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