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Setting intentions helped me to keep calm when I know there was a busy day ahead. It also helped me cope with difficult situations at work, because I was prepared and I was less likely to react!



The course has taught me that it is in our complete control to set our intentions for how we wish to react should situations arise, take the necessary time to move from instant reaction to conscious interaction – moving through with more grace and intention. Creating space and clarity and being in tune with my goals by intention setting daily.



“I am so glad I was blessed with an opportunity for this course and I really  took the time to take it. I have found over the years I tend to let my emotions run my life and sometimes feel like a stress addict. I have learned that if I identify the smaller emotions and deal with them when I first feel them instead of ignoring them, they do not tend to become big dramatic emotions and stressors. I am now breathing easier and I am now in control of how I respond to my emotions instead of reacting (overreacting) to them. I feel so much more in control now.”


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