November 29 - December 3, 2021

FREE 5-Day Transformation: Mindful Living for Midlife Women Entrepreneurs

This step-by-step training series will show you how work-life blend leads to peace and fulfillment, even if "balance" hasn't helped!

The myth of work & life balance...

  • Having it all is possible with the right systems. Systems are great and so is the ability to be flexible and respond authentically and in alignment with your values in your work and personal relationships.
  • Focus on work now and later your family will appreciate all that you provide. Being present and connected is what nourishes relationships and carries them when either your work or family needs you.
  • It’s possible to achieve work and life balance. Your life isn’t a balance sheet! There will always be an ebb and flow on your time and attention. Blending what you need in your personal life and your work life is what creates a fulfilling life!

Cutting edge women entrepreneurs know that these myths lead to being unfulfilled and burned out.

– AND –

They also know there’s an aligned, connected way to give your time, attention and love to your business, family and yourself! 

Join me for the FREE 5-Day Mindful Living Transformation

Each day you'll learn practical tools that you can use immediately!

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