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3 Secrets My Clients Know About Living An Anti-Stress Lifestyle

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Wednesday, September 29 @ 6 PM EDT

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Stress is a part of live, but it doesn't have to be your whole life.

Being a professional and a mom, there are certain things that come with the territory.

  • Worries about your kids education
  • Wondering if they’re really okay & not just saying they are
  • Waiting up to be sure they make it home safely
  • Getting a call from school to pick them up and not knowing which virus it is
  • Figuring out how long you’ll be up to finish your report that’s due at 9 am
  • Making time for your partner
  • Making times for yourself

The big question that lurks in the back of your mind, what’s next, (when they don’t need you every minute or are busy with their friends or go off to college)?

It’s a lot to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention when a crisis hits. 

The good news is that not only have I been there myself, I’ve helps 1000’s of women get back a part of themselves that they thought was lost and rewire their relationship with stress, so it doesn’t control life anymore.

Here's what you'll learn:

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Wednesday, September 29th 3 pM PT / 6 Pm ET

Tracie Strucker, PhD is the voice behind the quickly growing personal development brand, Powerful Calm. She was introduced to personal growth, guided imagery and meditation as a teen growing up in Southern California.

She followed this path in college, earning an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a PhD in psychology. Tracie’s interest in consciousness, mind/body health and women’s growth and development informed her 20+ years as a licensed psychotherapist. Her psychotherapy practice focused on stress related mind/body problems such as, eating disorders, addiction and body image.

Tracie has helped thousands of women over the years be less stressed and find peace in their relationship with self and body through one-on-one work, groups, intensive programs, workshops and through her speaking engagements.

Tracie Strucker, PhD

Mindful Living & Clarity Coach

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